About Me

Hello! My name is Shant'e Hayes and I'm the owner of 972Eleven! 

972Eleven was brought to life in June 2018, but has been on my list of  "dreams to pursue"  for so long, most of my old diaries has mentions of it lol. I am a fashionista at heart, encourager and  lover of my town so I thought to infuse the three entities.

If you know Portland,OR, you know that we are VERY fashion forward and creatively free dressers. In one city block you will see SO many fashion styles and they will all WOW you! A lot like Portland, you will get so many styles from me because my outfits will always reflect how I'm feeling that day.

I'm a single mother of a wonderful 14 year old daughter that keeps me young and vibrant. She will be off to college soon, so I felt like I needed to step out on faith and start building my store so that I could show her what a mom, full time employee and business woman's life looks like. Also, I want to ensure that I am not basing my entire life on "just being a mom". Don't get me wrong, being a mom is one of God's greatest gifts to me, but after she heads out to this big world to chase her dreams, then what??

972Eleven's reason for existence: Where through fashion we encourage expressive freedom, self love and serve our community.
The ultimate goal is for our outward beauty to reflect our inner beauty!