My FIRST vendors' event, OMG!!!

Listen up...

Ok, this is my FIRST vendors event! I'm so nervous but more excited for the opportunity and experience. I plan to post throughout the day!
Come out and check out 45 of Portland's local vendors from all business backgrounds!!
Hope to see you there!! Saturday Nov 24 2018
Mercy Corp Building
45 SW Ankeny Portland, Or

We are OFFICIALLY open!!

I’M SO EXCITED!! Shop-972Eleven has finally come into fruition! I launched my store announcement with a fashion show this past Saturday and it did better than I’d hoped for! Im finally following yet another dream of opening up MY OWN clothing store!
Someone asked if I planned to quit my day job and I had to think about that. I’m actually still thinking if that’s my ultimate goal. For now I am just stepping into new passion and purpose and allowing...

It's Our Soft Launch Fashion Show!!!!

***Saturday June 9, 2018***
***Mingle Lounge- 322 NW Everett St. PDX, OR*** Fashion show 6/9/18 @Mingle Lounge. 
Come out and ENJOY a sexy night with sexy women AND men, cocktails, dope music and of course a new DOPE Portland based clothing line launch!!

Grand Opening date!!

Grand Opening date!!

972Eleven will open 06/01/2018! We are very excited about our grand opening!